What We Do

As independent producers, we have the eye for great material and the strategic partners to deliver quality films.

The Company

Silver Lining Pictures “packaging agents” with the top agencies and have brought forward the independent family film strategy for family films. Silver Lining Pictures is in development on projects into 2022 and only produces strong material specific to the creative instincts/strengths of the market.

Silver Lining Pictures was established to produce virtuous, positive content life-changing family films, while leveraging strategic partnerships–specifically with distribution vendors–to ensure return on investment as well as commercial success. Silver Lining Pictures has the knowledge, know- how, and professional network to cover all facets of development, production and distribution.

The Team


Gabrielle Evans Fields

Executive Producer | Producer

Gabrielle Evans-Fields was born and raised in Southern California and studied producing at UCLA. She is the author of the forthcoming Bradley Nowell biography, “Roots of Creation”

(Pegasus Press) Her forthcoming independent production company Silver Lining Pictures will focus on insightful, thought-provoking cinema.

She has many years of experience in development from working with the best. One of her many strengths are unlocking each project’s true potential by finding the depth within each film or television show and developing the characters to reach their full potential. In both development and casting, she has natural knack for “seeing the bigger picture.”

Gabrielle has an eye for discovering talent and bringing the creative artist to the project. As a casting director, her credits include such feature films “Runnin’ From My Roots” “Painted Horses” “Windsor”” August Falls” “Cutback,” “Broken,” “Garbage,” and “Parasomnia” in addition to dozens of films slated for 2029.

Writer-producer Robert Hammond (C.B. DeMille biopic) writes “Gabrielle’s success is significantly enhanced by her creativity and passion for the film industry”.

Gabrielle has added a very talented staff that have studied film and television production with an emphasis in creative writing and literature. Most have worked as an associate some of the most well- known offices in the industry.

Our Strategy

Our strategy at Silver Lining Pictures is simple. We have the caliber of A-list stars attached to a project to secure a “minimum guarantee” from a reputable distributor or foreign sales company. assure our investors of a predictable return even before we go into production.

One of the most important keys to the success of any film is its distribution channels, and Silver Lining Pictures is proud to have numerous distribution/sales partners with proven track records, to secure distribution for our films across all platforms

We believe that our methodology– producing films with secured distribution–creates an investment that is second to none. We take pride in producing high -compelling story telling with unlimited profit potential.

Why Us

Silver Lining Pictures believe we have a model that provides not only impressive content, but also a successful business strategy with a healthy return. Silver Lining Picture is a profit focused, positive content driven, entertainment Film Company. With a forward-thinking vision for the future of family film market.

Our Projects

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